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Services - Nutshell Enterprises, Inc

Phase I Investigations

Each Nutshell Phase I ESA is performed by Art Shellhouse, Certified Professional Environmental Auditor. Art has performed approximately 4,000 Phase I investigations, including over 700 Phase I and NEPA studies for the Nextel Corporation. Art brings unparalleled environmental consulting experience to each investigation. Art is locally renowned for his extensive environmental genre background, prompt service, fair pricing and expert opinion.

Nutshell Phase I ESA’s are conducted in accordance with ASTM #1527-13. 

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Phase II Investigations

Each Phase II investigation performed by Nutshell is designed and supervised by Art Shellhouse. Art has 40 years of environmental consulting experience and has completed extensive environmental science related continuing education over the course of his career. Art purposely designs each Phase II investigation to employ the minimum of exploration possible to achieve the desired result.  Art has experience working with several MDE departments and is skilled in conducting MDE required remediation projects, acquiring no further action required site status, when appropriate, and seeking case closure, if appropriate. Art is also able to direct clients to the most skilled local environmental lawyers in matters that require legal expertise. Simply put, due to Art’s extensive background and local networking, he is able to provide clients with unrivaled quality of service in matters of Phase II ESA investigations and site remediation. 

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