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Phase I ESA - Nutshell Enterprises, Inc

RiskIn recent years there has been a high demand for qualified, experienced, environmental professionals to perform Phase I environmental site assessments (ESA) of commercial properties. Nutshell has answered this call by becoming a premier provider of quality Phase I ESAs performed by an inspector with forty years of environmental consulting experience. 

While some Phase I ESAs are requested by clients in order to satisfy one of the requirements to quality for limited liability protection under CERCLA, more often Nutshell performs Phase I ESAs requested by lending institutions as part of the lender’s due diligence to ensure that there are no hidden environmental conditions associated with the property, within the scope of Phase I ESAs, that present a potential financial liability to the lender and the prospective purchaser.


Why Choose Nutshell To Conduct Your Phase I? 

ReportWhile regulatory environmental records review, interviews with current and previous owners and property managers are good and required sources of information regarding property history, there is no substitute for an experienced eye in detecting signs of environmental liability. Furthermore, Nutshell often has knowledge of cleanup activities and required monitoring on contiguous properties, because Nutshell has completed site studies, remediation and monitoring on literally hundreds of sites in Maryland. 

Over the past twenty years, Art Shellhouse has performed approximately 4,000 Phase I ESA investigations. In particular, Art performed over 700 Phase I and NEPA investigations at prospective cell tower sites for the Nextel Corporation. For many local banks, real estate developers and non-profits, Nutshell has become the source for quality, quick turnaround, cost-effective Phase I investigations.

Nutshell’s Phase I investigations are performed in accordance with the ASTM 1527- 13: Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process.

Other environmental assessments conducted by Nutshell include:

Environmental Transaction Screen in accordance with ASTM E1528-14Records Review and Risk Assessment