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Phase II ESA - Nutshell Enterprises, Inc

If site conditions of concern are discovered in the regulatory records review or by the investigator conducting a Phase I ESA, a Phase II investigation may be required to fully define the scope of the discovery. Nutshell has forged  partnerships with several local MDE certified tank installer/removers, geologists, geoprobe owner/operators, Maryland licensed well drillers and industrial hygienists to assist in conducting Phase II investigations, designed and supervised by Nutshell. This business model is cost-effective and allows Nutshell to choose the most qualified project-specific local technicians.

Phase II investigations performed by Nutshell are designed and supervised by Art Shellhouse. Art brings an unparalleled broad spectrum of knowledge of environmental doctrines and environmental construction experience to each job. Art expertly plans each Phase II investigation to employ a minimum of invasive exploration and sampling necessary to produce the required description of site conditions. A detailed, concise report of discovery is prepared and presented to the client. If appropriate and if requested by the client, a corrective action plan is prepared and presented to the client.

Some examples of site conditions that may require exploration beyond the scope of a Phase I ESA follow:


Soil & Groundwater Investigation Associated With Documented Motor Fuel Releases & Conditions Consistent With a Potential Release


  • Investigate potential impact to subsurface soil & groundwater of subject property, due to existence of current or former underground motor fuel storage tank systems
  • Investigate potential migration of petroleum constituent contamination onto subject property, due to documented motor fuel release on contiguous property
  • Define plume of documented petroleum constituent soil & groundwater contamination present on subject property
  • Soil & groundwater investigation on sites where residual petroleum constituent contamination is documented, associated with closed regulatory agency cases, if sufficient documentation of cleanup activities cannot be obtained 

Auto Repair Operations

Sub-slab soil & groundwater sampling in motor vehicle repair shops where oil/water separators or abandoned hydraulic lifts are present, or where hazardous material and/or petroleum products are stored, or poor housekeeping practices are evident.

Vapor Encroachment

Sub-slab soil & soil gas sampling in buildings where contaminated soil or groundwater is documented on the subject property or on contiguous properties. Examples of properties where this investigation may be warranted are dry cleaning facilities, print shops or any property where hazardous materials are stored, or in buildings where basements are present. Interior and exterior air quality sampling on properties where contamination is present in the soil or groundwater, or where hazardous substances are stored or used, under circumstances that present a potential for vapor encroachment or impact to the ambient air.

Site Remediation


In some cases, the property owner or other parties involved in a real estate transaction will opt to address the site contamination by conducting a site remediation project, such as the following:

  • UST system removal
  • Contaminated soil removal
  • Soil vapor extraction 

Experience Matters

Nutshell has the experience and knowledge necessary to assist clients in navigating the aforementioned circumstances with budget-minded, time sensitive solutions.